integration from A to Z

What truly defines the term integration?

Ask several systems integrators and end users and you’re bound to get different answers. When we say that we integrate systems, we’re talking true integration, where otherwise disparate system technologies are configured on a single management platform to deliver the highest benchmarks in performance and efficiency.

Valuber Security can design and implement the specific surveillance and security applications you need to best protect your facility, campus and remote locations. Our technology prowess includes surveillance and access systems, visitor management, employee badging, intercom and communication systems, infant abduction and senior elopement detection, parking and revenue control solutions, and more.

What’s more, our integrated solutions can be supplemented to include the best combination of manpower and technology. With managed services ranging from system maintenance to investigations and compliance consultation and badging services, Valuber Security delivers truly comprehensive integrated security solutions.

That’s the Valuber Security integration advantage.

illustration of elements in an integrated security system

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