Valuber Security is developing a library of resources to provide you with more information, answer FAQs, and to help you select and create the perception sensor solutions that best fit your needs.

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Valuber Security has decades of expertise servicing highly specialized vertical markets in Healthcare, IT/Data Centers, Commercial Real Estate and Government/Homeland Security, as well as all kinds of business and nonprofit facilities. This two page overview summarizes Valuber Security offerings, including safety and security products, system integration and installation services, and specialized manpower services.

Valuber Security has a new, smart way to pay for security technology – a subscription-based monthly payment option with exclusive protection, flexibility & control. This new option lets customers manage their finances by shifting what could be a capital investment into a monthly operating expense, while also providing valuable operational protections that include ongoing maintenance and support.

COVID-19 took the world by surprise, and highlighted the need for organizations to have crisis plans in place. Most firms do not have up-to-date plans, so now is the perfect time to update emergency procedures and plans to be ready when they are needed. In this session, we cover the four primary components of crisis management planning to help every team in every market sector be better prepared.

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