integrated security solutions
for IT facilities and data centers

Today’s businesses and organizations are largely built on their information processing and data resources. Every aspect of operations, from the identification of potential new customers, to product design, supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, and billing are dependent on data, and there is a growing realization that protecting business data from cyberattacks and data center security is a core business priority.

Recent cyber security incidents where IT systems have been held hostage by hackers using ransomware and other forms of network penetration have only highlighted the operational vulnerabilities of large organizations that had previously been confident about their emergency preparations. Hospitals, factories, colleges, and even local governments have all fallen victim in recent months.

Security experts have clearly stated that while some of these successful attacks have been launched remotely, many firms have recently strengthened their cyber-security measures, making it harder to launch remote, external attacks.

In response, hackers have discovered that this extra focus on cybersecurity has come at least in part at the expense of a decrease in the focus on physical security. And if a hacker, or an agent working for the hacker, can gain physical access to a data processing facility, then they almost always have an easier time accessing the network and the protected data than they have from outside the facility. Thus, somewhat to the surprise of IT management, physical security systems have become an increasingly important part of a complete cybersecurity protection strategy.

Data Center Security

Valuber Security has implemented strong physical security systems for data center security, IT facility security, and similar physical locations with the goal of protecting business data.

These data storage and processing facilities have a special set of physical security challenges above and beyond the typical requirements for offices, retail establishments, and other typical public facilities. In addition to the usual needs for video surveillance, access control, badging systems, and visitor management, data centers have their own unique set of challenges, including:

  • Maintaining operations 24/7/365, which makes system maintenance, upgrades, or troubleshooting difficult
  • Protecting sensitive and expensive equipment
  • Sustaining controlled environments with strict requirements for temperature and humidity
  • Safeguarding extremely valuable data important enough to affect organizational or business continuity
  • Off-site and/or isolated data center locations and personnel

Valuber Security can help – with the security solutions data centers need

Valuber Security designs and installs innovative security systems, fully integrated to maximize their utility and effectiveness. TriTech does not deliver “cookie cutter” solutions – instead, every new installation begins with a comprehensive threat assessment and an evaluation of the current security programs and system requirements. In this way, TriTech can proceed with system design and engineering, followed by installation, implementation, and training, to implement the best possible security solution for immediate needs while being ready to adapt and evolve with emerging security needs in the future.

To meet the needs of data storage and processing facilities, TriTech delivers complete integrated security solutions made up of traditional and data center-specific solutions, such as:

Video Surveillance
Valuber Security can design a new system or enhance existing data center surveillance to provide virtually comprehensive video coverage and situational awareness of critical facility locations. Using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and intelligent autonomous video analytics, integrated with access control, elevator control, fire and safety monitoring, and other critical facility systems, TriTech can deliver the ideal platform to protect your data center and reduce overall risks.

Access Control
Valuber Security understands the unique access control requirements for highly sensitive restricted areas in line with the special challenges described above. Our advanced systems are fast and reliable, providing highly accurate identity authentication and tracking that allows authorized individuals to enter and exit controlled areas quickly and efficiently. Integrating these systems with other key systems, such as visitor management, gives security managers the capability to answer this question with confidence – “Who is in the building right now?”

Visitor Management
Individual company data centers may not host many visitors, while larger colocation centers may host frequent visitors from many companies. In both cases, a single bad actor can trigger a cataclysm, so visitor management and access control are of vital importance to protect business data. Valuber Security can engineer the visitor management solution you need to best help alleviate your specific security challenges, and reduce risks to the facility, staff, and data. Typical systems include multi-form identity verification solutions employing biometrics such as facial recognition along with other physical credentials and driver license scanning, and rules-based access privileges with self-expiring credentials.

Staff Badging
Data center and IT facility badging systems have the challenge of handling a complex set of authorized people. There may be direct full-time staff, and there may also be a community of contractors that require regular or occasional access 24/7. Valuber Security can provide badging systems, integrated with your other relevant systems, or the Valuber Security Badging Concierge service can handle the preparation and issuance of badges for you.

Going the Extra Mile for Improved Data Center Security

Valuber Security can also go beyond traditional security solutions to further enhance the safety and protection of your IT/Data Centers, your staff, and your sensitive business information. Examples of these important services include:

Remote Worker Safety
Valuber Security offers lone worker protection systems that are ideal for remote or isolated workers, workers who are carrying high value materials such as storage drives with essential data, and workers who may be walking by themselves into parking areas or transit stations late at night or during unpopulated hours. In each of these cases, these workers can be supported by a system that maintains an efficient and structured connection to a source of help and to their team supervisors. Valuber Security can help you keep your team safe!

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
The complete protection of sensitive business information and intellectual property cannot be accomplished with cybersecurity and traditional physical security (access control and video surveillance) alone. The reason is that the same espionage techniques that were used in the paststill work, and are still being used to gather sensitive information when it is most vulnerable – during its creation and transmission. For example, the Ford car company recently discovered voice recorders hidden in seven of their conference rooms.

Valuber Security TSCM services can screen your facility for security vulnerabilities, and can detect security issues that need to be addressed. Checks range from the detection of electronic surveillance devices, to WiFi security and compliance verification, to the proper disposal of sensitive documents – and many more. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your Access Control system and Cybersecurity efforts – strong as they may be – will completely protect you from information espionage!

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